Velux DFD PK10 4555S Manual Duo Blackout Blind Pale Blue 94cm x 160cm


Velux DFD PK10 4555S Manual Duo Blackout Blind Pale Blue 94cm x 160cm

The Velux DFD PK10 4555S Manual Duo blackout blind is a combination of the classic blackout blind with the addition of the semi-opaque pleated blind. The blind will block out light using the blackout blind and then you can use the semi-opaque pleated blind to diffuse the remaining light that enters the room. The duo blackout blind is available in 24 colours. Velux use only the best materials during manufacture to guarantee an optimal blackout effect. This makes the three-layered Oeko-Tex fabric especially dirt-repellent, made from a polyester layer, a lightproof intermediate layer and the back is formed from a special coating made of aluminium. This high quality coating protects any room from light coming in from outside and also improves insulation. The Velux blackout blind offers almost complete blackout for darkness anytime and prevents the loss of heat through the window in the winter, improving the energy balance of your home.

Manual Duo Blackout Blind

  • Smooth manual operation using an aluminium control bar.
  • Blocks out and Softly diffuses incoming daylight.
  • Stepless positioning for maximum control - position the blind anywhere in the window.
  • Available in 24 colours as well as a custom colour option (get in touch for more details).
  • Velux interior blinds are easily installed with our unique Pick&Click!™ system. Follow the instructions, and your blinds will be fitted in minutes.

Guarantee and Specification

  • 3 Year Velux guarantee on Velux Blinds & Shutters.
  • OEKO-TEX® certified
  • Flashing colour NCS: S 7500-N (Nearest RAL:7043).
  • All VELUX internal blinds are power operated or cordless operated and fulfil the safety in use requirements in EN 13120:2009+A1:2014 and EN 60335-2-97:2006 +EN 60335-2-97:2006/A12:2015.