Velux EDN UK08 0000 Recessed Slate Flashing 134cm x 140cm


Velux EDN UK08 0000 Recessed Slate Flashing 134cm x 140cm

The Velux EDN UK08 0000 kits are designed to integrate your Velux roof window perfectly into the roofing material, ensuring that your window is completely weathertight, whatever the conditions. All Velux flashings have been thoroughly tested ensuring a weather-resistant flashing, manufactured in corrosion proof materials. The colours of the materials match the cladding elements of the roof window. The flashing components overlap each other to create weathertight joints whilst the foam gasket creates a seal between the flashing and the roofing materials. The construction of the flashings ensures safe drainage of water from the roof above the window. Leaves and other debris should be removed from any flashing once a year to allow rainwater to run freely. Heavy snow should not be allowed to lie on the flashing for long periods of time. Building regulations relating to insulation and air-tightness of roof window installations have become more stringent. This window is available in a range of sizes, finishes and operations. Complete your VELUX roof window with a wide range of accessories and easy to install Velux blinds (Pick&Click).

EDN Recessed Flashings

  • Recessed installations offer a more sleek, streamlined appearance, sitting 40mm deeper in the roof structure.
  • For recessed installation into slate up to 8mm thick.
  • EDN 2000 includes BDX insulation collar as standard.
  • Not for interlocking slate.
  • Suitable for 20 – 90 Degree roof pitches.

Guarantee and Specification

  • 10 year guarantee on windows and flashings.
  • For standard installation heights install the brackets at the top and bottom of the frame at the red line level.
  • Flashing colour NCS: S 7500-N (Nearest RAL:7043).
  • We recommend installing a BDX insulation collar and BFX underfoot collar for optimum energy efficiency.