Velux GDL PK19 SD0L001 Cabrio Balcony System


Velux GDL PK19 SD0L001 Single Roof Balcony & Flashing

The Velux GDL PK19 SD0L001 roof balcony transforms from a roof window into a balcony in seconds and adds real wow-factor to your property. The upper section is top-hung and opens outwards whilst the bottom section unfolds into a glazed balcony with side railings. They Can be easily combined with additional top-hung and fixed sloping roof windows to increase the daylight and view. Features triple glazing as standard which contributes to an energy efficient installation. The glazing has a toughened outer and a laminated inner pane for additional safety. The Velux GDL PK19 SD0L001 Top-hung section rotates 180° and locks in to place for easy cleaning of the outer pane.This window is available in a range of sizes, finishes and operations. Complete your VELUX roof window with a wide range of accessories and easy to install Velux blinds (Pick&Click).

Top-Hung Operation

  • Operated with an elegant handle at the bottom, Velux top-hung roof windows give you a full, open view of your skyline and maximise the amount of natural daylight that can be allowed in.
  • Top-hung roof windows are the perfect choice for loft conversions with roof windows in easy reach.
  • Our high quality pivot hinges are designed with innovative technology, ensuring stability throughout the life of your product.

White Painted Finish

  • Painted before assembly for a flawless finish and outstanding durability.
  • Bright white finish with discreet wood grain matches perfectly with modern interiors.
  • Lower maintenance than pine finish roof windows.
  • Highly UV resistant, water-based breathable paint to preserve a crisp, bright look.

Glazing 66 - Increased energy-efficiency with anti-dew and easy-to-clean coating - U-value 1.0 W/M2K.

  • Keep in the heat from the sun to reduce heating costs.
  • Reduce noise from outside (traffic, playgrounds, etc.).
  • Spend more time enjoying your view with easy-to-clean coating.
  • Reduces the amount of dew that can form on the window and provides a clearer view.

Guarantee and Specification

  • 10 year guarantee on windows and flashings.
  • 3 year guarantee on all electrical products and accessories.
  • BBA certified.
  • Suitable for roof pitches between 35 - 53 Degrees.